The personal blog of Vernon Swanepoel


My name is Vernon Swanepoel.  Sandcurves, my website, is purely personal.  I live in Namibia.  I work in tourism for a great company called Ultimate Safaris, running upmarket tours in Namibia.  We run some of the best guided safaris. 

I train tour guides for a living at Ultimate Safaris, a job I'm really passionate about. 

I'll post various things that interest me here, and so I guess you'd probably like to know what that stuff might be. 

I presonally learn so much online, in all sorts of areas of my life.  I always appreciate that this stuff is all there, online.  So, the main idea for the blog part of the website is simply to put stuff out there in a sort of tutorial format. 

I have a range of interestes, and so the content might be a bit strange to follow, but I'm sure there will be some of you for whom my personal blend of nerd-ness is useful or interesting. 

What I might blog about:

I live in Windhoek with my wife and two boys.