Are you looking for a new website? 

Get a fast, usable and well designed website.  I develop and design websites in Windhoek, Namibia. 

When you get a website designed for you, it can be a confusing process.  I'd love to make it as easy as possible.  If you're considering a new website for any purpose, below are some things you should consider. 

Consider who is your target audience?  The more you know about the people who'll use your website, the more effectively you can build it. 

sample website image
A sample Namibian website I built

Once you've established the who, next consider how.  How will your visitors use your website? What are they coming to your website for.  Give it some serious consideration. 

By thinking about how visitors will use your site, you'll know what needs to go into the design. 

You'll better understand what the purpose of your website is. 

Websites get built for all sorts of purposes.  Below are a few examples, just to help you consider what your website should be for:

  • Your website may function as an advertisement.  This is a common purpose of a website for small businesses.  If your website is ad, your website's performance in search engines will be the important thing for you.  That is, how well are people able to find your website when they're searching for the products you offer.  You may also think about how do your products look on the site.  Does it help you sell? 
  • If you run some research service, perhaps your website's purpose may be to data collection.  If you need your visitors to be able to submit data to you, your concerns will revolve around ease of use, and how well that data gets managed. Perhaps you want the data to get posted onto the website or emailed to you. 
  • If you run a larger business, one of the purposes of your website might just be to serve as a catalog of products.  If this is the case, you'll think about how fast your pages talk to load.  And you'll want to know that your visitors can find what they're looking for on your website. 

Those are just some examples to get you thinking.  Now we've thought through who will use the website, and what they need to be able to do there.  Once you're clear on who will use your website, you can do the fun part and consider the look and structure of the site. 

The best way to start getting an idea of a design is to visit a bunch of random sites yourself. 

If you're in Namibia and have given the points above some thought, you can contact me.  I'd love to build your website for you. 

I'll design the site offline for you to start with.  When you're happy with the way it looks and works we'll load it to your server for the world to see. 

This website is my Namibia website design website.  I cover all aspects of web design and so if you're either thinking of getting a website, or currently have one, you'll find something useful here to take your site to the next level. 

I write a blog where I cover a range of topics of interest to anyone associated with websites.  I'll talk about online marketing, planning your website, ideas for websites components, and so on. 

Contact me today to chat about getting started on your next website. 


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