Personal Website

My name is Vernon Swanepoel. This is my personal website, but I'm very rarely putting much effort into this website.

If you just wandered here randomely, or somehow ended up with this website in an open tab, you might want to start with finding out who I am and what I'm all about.

I keep a blog. The blog is simply a personal journal of sorts. I have a range of interests, including python, math and ecology (and my attempts to learn more about these fields), and so much of what I blog about may be along these lines.

I belong to the python society in Namibia, and so one of my goals is to provide a very basic tutorial in the Python Programming Language, especialy one that I can give as a presentation to teach high school level kids that are keen to learn a bit of Python here in Namibia.

If you are learning Python, as a Namibian or not, you may find the tutorial I'm building of some use.