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One simple way to find blogging content

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Posted on January 18, 2014 by  

When we re-launched Frantic Naturalist in May 2013, I thought that I'd hold off on blogging until we had regular tours running...just for content. 

I did run a few tours, but, not being in the flow, I didn't really get back into blogging. 

I really found it tough to come up with things to blog about.  And, having already written over 200 blog posts in my life, I found that a little strange. 

But in November when I was looking at pushing up my marketing efforts, the most obvious thing to do was to start blogging again.  I decided, even if I didn't know what to blog about, I'd force myself. 

I started on, but really believed that I needed to blog on my main site. 

As the year started, I started building the blog app on

I set myself the challenge of blogging daily, almost thinking I couldn't do it. 

But to my supprise, I've found the more I blog, the more ideas I get for things to write.  I'm now having to keep a list of things that I'm going to blog about since I can't keep up with my ideas. 

It really is amazing, and to me at least, the secret to finding blog content is to write more!

What do you think. 

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