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The Year Ahead

Published:  15 January 2017

As I'm writing this post, it's mid January 2017.  One thing that I really wanted to do this year was get this blog up and running, and so I'm rather happy that it's back up and running. 

Since this is the first post of the new blog, I'll just share a bit of what I think is ahead for me this year. 

In terms of work, I have two 10 day training tours to lead with our guides.  What's both challenging and fun about this is that we're running these trips with our guides, who are all already well trained.  For those trips I'll be out in the bush in the Damaraland area.  I think it will be fun. 

The first trip leaves in just over a week, and so most of what I'll focus on at work now is just getting everything ready for those trips. 

My project to do with my boys this year is a Pygame game that we're going to spend the year inventing. 

My big relationship goal is to have 12 date nights with my wife through the year. 

My own personal non-work goal is to build 7 separate projects, all of which relate to Python (and mostly Django too).  I'll post more about those in the coming months. 

At work I've also set a performance goal, and perhaps I'll share more about that sometime on the blog as well. 

Overall, I think 2017 should be an exciting year, with a good few challenges.